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For the media

For the media

Our commitment

  • To provide timely and accurate information to media for emergency events and newsworthy topics. We will endeavour to meet your reasonable deadlines.
  • To provide advice for patients and their families and friends regarding contact with media. We are guided by patients and their families about their response to any media interest.

Please remember we are bound by patient confidentially and therefore cannot release personal information without the consent of the person or their guardian.

Where a person’s condition is of interest to media, we provide updated information about their medical status via Patient Updates.

Below is an explanation around what the patient condition status means:

  • Stable: condition unchanged
  • Serious, but stable: vital signs stable, within normal limits, patient conscious and comfortable, indicators favourable
  • Serious: vital signs stable and within normal limits, patient conscious but may be uncomfortable, indicators questionable
  • Critical: vital signs unstable, not within normal limits, patient may not be conscious, indicators unfavourable.

Where possible, we will try to provide access to experts in particular fields.

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