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Skin infection relief with SmartHealth

For most parents, avoiding medical centres with young children is an important goal. When a Waikato mother noticed a skin infection on her child, she could have been in for a long afternoon

SmartHealth skin infection relief

SmartHealth support for mother and child

entertaining her young family in an after hours clinic. Instead, she contacted the out of hours doctor service using HealthTap. Taking a photo of her child’s skin, she soon had a diagnosis of school sores (impetigo) from a doctor, swiftly followed by a prescription for antibiotics faxed to her pharmacy. The convenient, easy service brought relief for the child and the mother, who was able to access healthcare without the stress of rounding up her family for a car trip to the after hours clinic, and a potentially long wait.


For more information about SmartHealth or to join for free visit: www.smarthealth.co.nz


A listening ear

Sometimes a different perspective is all we need to start feeling better. A patient was feeling anxious about the advice they received from their specialist on a medical issue. Needing to have their concerns heard and unsure where to turn next, they decided to contact a doctor through the HealthTap out of hours doctor service. Having another healthcare professional listen to them helped clarify their thoughts, and the out of hours doctor was able to give them some general advice on their options. The result was peace of mind for the patient, who could now see a plan for the way forward.

For more information about SmartHealth or to join for free visit: www.smarthealth.co.nz

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