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Together we can because of volunteers

A large group of Waikato volunteers gathered at The Link Community Centre, Hamilton on 5 December in recognition of International Volunteers day and for Waikato DHB to say thank you and celebrate their vital role in our healthcare community.

If we put a figure on how much work volunteers do at our organisation each year it would be well over $500,000 says chair at Waikato DHB Bob Simcock during his welcoming speech.

“But you can’t put a figure on volunteers work because it takes a special character to give their time to make our services a welcoming, caring and loving community for thousands of patients and staff.

“Volunteers take the pressure off our staff who have extremely intensive workloads, they help people get to where the need to be with a friendly smile and make the uncertainty of hospital visits much easier to deal with.

“The freely given time and energy they give us is the glue that makes our healthcare community.”

Waikato DHB have more than 200 volunteers ranging between the age of 18 to 80+ who have all played a significant role in helping more than 44,000 people.

This year Waikato’s survey results identified a 47 per cent drop in volunteering time.

Waikato DHB are always looking for new volunteers and have a range of initiatives that make an impact on your community.

If you would like to know more about the Waikato DHB volunteer program email [email protected]

Read more about some of our other volunteering initiatives:

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